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I sing and play violin and cello in the D.C.-based band Near Northeast.


Cabin Sessions (2019)

A collaboration with songwriter Takunda M recorded across two seasons and two cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains

“the band channels its broad-based influences into a cohesive sound and statement. Takunda and Kelly combine to produce gorgeous harmonies that, on repeated listening, reveal lyrical and compositional subtleties”

— Parklife DC

True Mirror (2017)

“shows the growth, trust and experimentation that comes from playing together for a handful of years.” 

— The Washington Post

Curios (2015)

“chock full of pop hooks, but with each listen it reveals new intricacies to absorb and hold onto“

Mecca Lecca

“It will cradle you in a freshly washed blanket and keep you warm from the spontaneous summer rains.”




NPR Tiny Desk Contest entry 2021

Flowers (2020 Tiny Desk Contest entry)


NPR Tiny Desk Contest entry 2020

“Since the DC-based band members can’t get together right now to record a song in person, they used videoconferencing to bring in Takunda’s voice for the haunting song” – Hometown Sounds



From Cabin Sessions

“the setting is so damn gorgeous in this music video that you’ll need to get out of town” – Hometown Sounds

Under the Pines

Stop-motion animated music video from Curios

“melds realistic symbols and photographs of Northeast D.C. with a fantasy world constructed from [Ashley] Blanton’s artwork.“

– WAMU Bandwidth



Live at Capital Fringe – NRP Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2017

“seized on the climate of protest in our city…their new song COL derives its name from the lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks…and reflects on our current situation.“

– Hometown Sounds

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